3 Eco-Friendly Chores & Activities for Kids - That Make Life a Little Easier

3 Eco-Friendly Chores & Activities for Kids - That Make Life a Little Easier

May 12, 2020


Save money, conserve resources, & get help with chores around the house all while providing games & activities for the kids that help them to develop eco-friendly habits? Is that even possible?  You bet.

Here’s three ideas for making chores and sustainability fun by adding crafts, challenges and special recognition into your existing efforts.

1. Turn a paper bag into a personalized cleaning caddy.  Let your kids get crafty with markers or crayons to write their name on their bag and decorate it with other drawings. Add in hello bag to give it some structure and viola!:  a personalized and custom storage bin for supplies like dust rags, gloves, or paper towels or whatever they can use to help clean up around the house.

2. Conserve water at bath time by creating a challenge. The average family of 4 uses 400 gallons of water per day, so show your young child what a gallon of water looks like and tell him or her that a bath uses 70 gallons, on average. Draw on the side of the tub with a washable crayon to visualize how much water was used then try and beat that amount by using less at the next bath.

3. Give them a cup of water to use when brushing their teeth instead of leaving the faucet on. Having a special cup of their own will help them to conserve water and make brushing more fun - You can even “toast” to celebrate clean teeth as part of their routine. Any cup will do, but we’re a fan of these biodegradable, dishwasher safe kid’s cups from Jack N' Jill. Made from bamboo & rice husks, they’re naturally BPA & PVC and perfect for rinsing after brushing.