We know paper bags are better than plastic for the environment, so why isn't everyone using paper bags already?

  • Paper bags fall over or close when we use them. 
  • We don’t enjoy the clutter of paper bags around the house. 
  • We don’t have ideas for how to use paper bags. 
  • We feel like one bag doesn’t make a difference. 
  • We want to help the planet, but feel too busy to figure out how (and then feel guilty for not doing more).

From day one, Chris’s family taught him to use what he had at hand and to take care of the planet. He saw how his grandparents and parents reused paper bags to help make home projects easier, even inventing a small wooden frame to make the bag sturdier. 

Over the years, plastic bags took over the global market, and Chris became increasingly concerned with waste and its environmental impact. Then a spark went off. He decided to recreate the small frame his family always used for paper bags and cut plastic bags out of his life. He began giving the frames to his friends and the idea spread. 

Today, this small frame is known as “hello bag” – a fun introduction to giving paper bags a second life while also helping the planet.

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say hello to a simple, convenient way to help the planet without changing your lifestyle. now partnered with

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Zero waste or plastic

Biodegradable packaging and natural ingredients make Hello bag truly earth-friendly. Hello bag makes this green choice easy.

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