Simple Easy Trash Can

Simple Easy Trash Can

Dec 13, 2021

Hello bag turns a grocery bag into a compostable trash can that you can take with you anywhere. The perfect fit for an under sink trash bin or in the backseat of your car. A waste basket you can rely on to be better for the environment than plastic trash can alternatives. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing paper over plastic.

Use a Hello bag frame to create a dry wastebasket. You will find your dry trash biodegrades within two to six weeks. Great for use in the garden, camping, and in the car. The compact design easily travels with you wherever you go. Between uses just pop the Hello Bag frame into the dishwasher.

Our company prides itself on supporting environmentally friendly garbage can options. By reusing your paper grocery bags you are shrinking your carbon footprint. We all can do our part to reduce global warming.