Five daily chores a paper bag can help you conquer

Five daily chores a paper bag can help you conquer

Jan 21, 2020


It’s hard to forget the paper bag as the staple item of school lunches back in the day. However, the iconic paper bag’s utility extends beyond our nostalgic memories. It can still be a best friend in our adult daily lives. Here are five daily chores a paper bag can help you conquer:

  1. Collect Your Kitchen Cleanups
    Whether it be preparatory tasks like peeling fruits and veggies, or eating something crumb-dropping at the counter, spreading paper bags open on the table as a layer to catch everything will provide for a speedy cleanup. Just fold it up and toss it in the trash! 

  2. Ripen and Store Your Organic Goods
    Speed up the ripening process of your favorite fruits by placing them in a paper bag. The bag retains the natural gases which help in both ripening and keeping them fresh. 

  3. Wrap Books and Gifts
    Presents with paper bag wrapping saves you the money and time of looking for new gift wrap. Protecting kids’ textbooks with a paper bag cover keeps the text ready for the next student. 

  4. Shake Dust Off Your Mop or Broom
    To remove the dust off your dust mop or broom for the next use, place a paper bag on the head, secure it with a rubber band, and give it a good shake. The dust will settle in the bag, and you have your tools ready to keep on cleaning. 

  5. Improve Your Composting Game
    Paper bag scraps can act in lieu of dry leaves or brown material in your compost pile. Tear pieces and throw them in to balance out the food scraps. Paper bags are also a great friend to have while cooking. Put potato peels or other food scraps that are compostable right into a paper bag that is in the kitchen while you cook.