Six steps everyday families can take to reduce plastic

Six steps everyday families can take to reduce plastic

Jan 01, 2020


It doesn’t actually take a superhero family like Disney’s Incredibles to save our planet – the job is something everyday families everywhere can take on. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is reducing plastic waste and pollution in households. Find out the easy steps your family can take to save our world, just like the Incredibles. 

  1. No Plastic Straws
    Instilling a no plastic straw policy within your family will reduce plastic waste significantly and protect the oceans. Kids will soon know themselves as the heroes who are saving the turtles. Today, we have the option of purchasing or using straws made from stainless steel, bambo, and paper. Great options for keeping our plastic consumption down! 

  2. Gifting 2.0
    Switch out the plastic decorative gift wraps and wasteful goodie bags with paper bag wrapping or non-plastic alternative items. Many Earth-friendly things, such as homemade treats, are better than throwaway plastic toys. Glass mason jars also make a great gift container for candles, ready-to-mix cookie recipes, and more.

  3. Recycling Education
    Exercise proper recycling and teach it in your home. It can become an easy practice for the whole house to enjoy together and later be an inspiration to others who can learn from you.

  4. Reusable Water Bottles
    Letting your family choose their own reusable water bottles will encourage the responsibility of the item and reduce plastic bottle waste. What better way to stay hydrated than through your personalized thermos?

  5. Volunteer in a Clean-up
    Taking the family to local clean-ups will not only teach the importance of keeping a community trash-free but help the environment. Bonus: it’s a great way to spend time together.

  6. Grocery Store Smarts
    Support the plastic bag ban and bring your own reusable grocery bags when shopping for the family. Purchasing items in bulk will also cut down on packaging waste.